Bysameyee Replacement Filter Compatible with Air Space Cooler Personal Conditioner

*The filter is made with advanced nanotechnology. Capture the liquid like a magnet. Easily replace the filter every 2-3 months to save cooling power.  
*The replacement cartridge is built with rapid functions of water absorption and heat absorption. 
*Easy Installation, do it yourself in a few seconds. After 2 minutes the evaporative cartridges will be fully hydrated and will gradually cool the air around you. It’s very efficient with a huge evaporative surface. 
*High-quality stone filter eliminates foul odors and keeps the air cooler clean. Efficient with the huge evaporative surface, it offers soft and healthy mist, enjoy clean & fresh air by replacing the filter rather than buying a new air cooler, and save money.
*The wind takes out the negative ion of cooling for you. When closing to the skin, the somatosensory temperature can feel about 5 -8 .